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Budapest Guide

Budapest is one of the "youngest" capital in Europe. It has more than 1000 year history. The city consists of two parts. One is Buda and the other is Pest, between the two sides flowing the river Danube and above it there are 6 bridges.

It is a very exciting city in every point of view you can come from any part of the world you will find your favorite place here.

At Buda side which is the garden side of the capital you can live close to the nature protected areas full with beautiful paths to the forests and ski-trucks. Dripstone caves are waiting for your visit in walking distance.

You can enjoy the world famous spa's luxury, or you can take a walk around the castle district which is a part of the World Heritage where you can see how the Hungarians lived hundreds of years ago. Beside that you live next door to a forest you can easily reach Pest side which is busy, as every downtown is Europe.

This side where mostly the intellectual citizens were living in the past has typical town houses from the beginning of the last century.

Pest is the side of the culture and the pleasure.

You can find plenty of theatres, movies, galleries. You can try all kind of cuisine of the world and of course the traditional Hungarian food too. Also you will be satisfied with the hundreds of bars, clubs and well known party places.

In case you wish to have more information you can have a look at www.budapestinfo.hu/en

Helpful information for house-hunters

  1. Where to live?

    Buda, districts II. XII. II/a. III. XI. I.    Map
    • perfect for a family
    • close to international schools
    • peaceful and silent
    • good public transportation
    • elegant and luxuriant area
    • you can find houses and flats too

    Pest, districts V. VI. XIII.    Map
    • perfect for couples and singles
    • full of restaurants, shopping facilities, bars, etc.
    • busy downtown
    • excellent public transportation
    • rather flats, than houses

  2. Where to take the kids to school?

    English language schools

    French language schools

    German language schools

    Japanese School

    Kindergarten and nursery

  3. Where to shop?

    Shopping centers at Budapest

  4. Where to sport?

    Fitness Clubs

    Golf clubs

    Squash courts

  5. How to go?

    By public transportation

    By car rental

    By Taxi

    By Plane

  6. Where to go out?


    Every cultural programs and party info

  7. Where to go with health problem?